Teaching activities

Faculty of Science Charles University in Prague

Structure and Function of Cytoskeleton - MB150P67, winter semester (in Czech)


Following topics are included in the lecture-course: organisation and function of cytoskeleton, structure and dynamics of microtubules, microtubule-associated proteins, microtubule motor proteins, microtubules and cell division, structure and dynamics of microfilaments, microfilament-associated proteins, microfilament motor proteins, microfilaments and muscle contraction, structure and dynamics of intermediate filaments, proteins associated with intermediate filaments, membrane skeleton, nuclear skeleton, interactions between cytoskeleton subsystems, cytoskeleton and signal transduction, pathological changes of cytoskeleton, methods for study structure and dynamics of cytoskeletal components. This lecture-course concentrates on animal cell models. In the course are presented experimental results from Laboratory of Biology of Cytoskeleton, Institute of Molecular Genetics, Czech Academy of Sciences. (Pavel Dráber)


First Faculty of Medicine Charles University in Prague

Course Advances in Cell Biology: lectures for PhD students

  • Lecture: Microtubules and signal transduction (Pavel Dráber)

Course Cell Biology (code B00832) : lectures for medical students (in Czech)

  • Lecture: Microtubules and human diseases (Pavel Dráber)


Doctoral Study Programme in Biomedicine

Course Advances in Molecular Biology and Genetics

The course is intended for PhD students in the biomedicine, starting scientists and also for Master’s students. The aim of the course is to provide information about scientific advances in the interdisciplinary field of molecular biology, genetics and biomedicine with some biotechnology views.

  • Lecture: Microtubules and signal transduction (Pavel Dráber)